Create and share step-by-step procedures

The best tool for interactive and immersive training
Augmented reality, 3D, video, text and everything you need for your presentations and training guides.

Fast and intuitive way

Incorporate augmented reality into your presentations in a fast and intuitive way.

Añade texto y dale estilos

Añade imágenes

Añade vídeo

Añade formas

Añade objetos 3D y rótalos

Crea fácilmente nuevas diapositivas

Fast and versatile

Use 3D objects, videos, texts and all the formats you need to communicate your content.

Create your own augmented reality presentations

The best tool for interactive and immersive training


Unique presentations without technical knowledge

Use it on any device

Vortx is a platform designed for you to develop presentations with integrated augmented reality elements, with no need for technical knowledge.

View 3D content

Thanks to this tool you can turn your presentations into an immersive experience in which your audience can interact in real time with 3D models.
Vortx offers a simple and intuitive system that allows you to create, edit and upload your own augmented reality elements in minutes. Text, 3D models, images and videos integrated into a single presentation tool.

Share directly from your camera

To access the presentations created in Vortex, you don’t need any extra equipment. From Augmented Reality glasses or any Tablet, cell phone or computer you can visualize and interact with the 3D content.


Solutions for the industrial sector

Upload your 3D models

Very easy to use

Create, edit and share in minutes


Museums and educational environments

Improvement of digital heritage

Content for download on demand

Scalable system

Case studies

Vortx allows you to go a step further in the field of e-learning thanks to the immersive presentations. Students will be able to interact with 3D elements.
Augmented reality makes it possible to visualize and work on virtual pieces and objects as if they were real.

And many other features

Remote training

Automotive technical support

Architectural visualization

Industrial procedures


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